One word would be AWESOME!!! Patricia is by far the most caring ,kind, compassionate, intelligent, comprehensive, detail oriented, and just plain smart and intuitive lawyer I have ever had the pleasure to encounter. Even though I had to meet her under dire circumstances she gave me courage and strength that I did not know I had. I cannot express in words what she has done for me. If I had to say one thing she has given me it is my dignity back, which is a lot!!! If you are looking for a lawyer that will listen, and I mean really listen to you and back that up with competency she is the lawyer you seek.


Excellent Legal Representation

I have been legally represented by Patricia for almost a year now, and I am blown away by her knowledge and complete professionalizm at what she does. Not only is she my lawyer, she is first and foremost my friend!


Sevrence was a sweeter sorrow.

Jodi proved to be accurate with her expectations. She had a firm grasp on the sequence of events to expect. I think she understood my needs and worked to meet them. Initially, there were difficulties making contact with each other but once she established her office, our communications smoothed out. I assume it was because she wasn’t trying to cover too many bases. Overall, it was a positive experience and I will gladly recommend her to anyone I know in need of her help.


Patricia Savage is the number one labor law lawyer in the Chico, Ca. area!

By chance I got lucky from the beginning and talked to Patricia about my case and she took it without hesitation. She got awesome results in a short period of time in an unemployment hearing and in civil litigation, she is easy to talk to, helpful, understood my issues. I would and will recommend her to any person that could use her help in the future!


Wrongful termination

I found myself in a difficult situation at work with only two weeks left before my retirement. I was afraid that they might fire me which might result in the loss of my pension and retirement health benefits. I contacted six different attorneys and all were too busy to help in the rapid manner that was required in this situation. By some piece of wonderful luck I was able to contact Patricia and she agreed to help me. I met with her a day later and she was like a ball of fire. She was e-mailing and calling and faxing all of the pertinent parties before I left her office and within a week she obtained a positive result for me. She was understanding, helpful and completely knowledgeable about all of the aspects of my situation and she really protected me. I feel like I found the best possible person to help me and I am so thankful for her intelligence and compassion. If you find yourself in any work related difficulty I would without a doubt recommend Patricia. I feel like I not only found a wonderful attorney but also a friend.


Fair,!honest and Passionate

Patricia took my commissions case and from day 1 had my back and I felt at ease. She was thorough and aggressive with the opposing attorney and knew the law. She was also very fair in what she billed me for. As tough as it was to go through this she had my back the whole way.


Best Lawyer Ever…….

Patricia and her staff are very personable and easily gained my trust. I immediately felt as though I had found a protector and someone on my side. Patricia was positive from the first moment, eased my anxiety and knew the type of person with whom I was dealing. Susan and her staff showed concerned about me as a person and how this was affecting me personally, professionally, and health wise. They kept me well informed and answered every question clearly, concisely and understood my confusion with matters of law. Patricia took quick decisive action and was on top of what was happening every minute. Patricia and staff exceeded my hopes and expectations. I felt confident I was being taken care of. Fabulous communication. Patricia and her staff work as a team and were the best choice to help me through this trying time. I never felt alone.


Excellent!!! Went above and beyond!

Patricia was asked to come aboard and face off against 4 other attorneys and a retired judge and met them head on while maintaining her carefree but professional disposition. Even though she was originally hired to “just” provide council for a labor claim, she helped out in other areas that were not necessarily area of expertise. This was no ordinary case but she remained unflappable when pitted against “the good ole boys.” She took us through from beginning to end. We started out with a labor claim, then an very promising initial meeting with the Labor Commissioner. Finally, after a less than favorable showing at the hearing when the opposing side seemed to pull in some favors to sway the Commissioners views, she was abel to settle with a very tidy sum that made it all worth it. She always kept us informed and didn’t hesitate to fire back when it looked like things weren’t going to go our way, making sure we had a successful outcome. I would recommend her 100%. Thank you Patricia.


Excellent Attorney

Patricia Savage was very professional and to the point. She did not waste time or money – quickly resolved a very stressful issue against a large foundation, secured a settlement and insured the matter was fully complete. I am a business owner and will contuine to work with Patricia to support the legal needs of my business.


Best Lawyer

A close associate referred Patricia Savage to us at a time when we needed an attorney to assist us. We were facing a claim for unpaid wages and some other claims for damages. From our very first meeting with Patricia, we realized that this was the person we were going to trust with handling our case. She was very thorough and took all the time to explain to us what we were up to as this claim went before the labor board. She obviously knew what she was talking about and her knowledge in this respect was extensive to say the least. She guided us through the process and educated us of all the possible outcomes. To make a long story short, she was instrumental in negotiating a settlement between both parties that kept everybody happy. In doing so she saved our company enormous costs that would have been involved in litigating this claim. In the end both parties came to an agreement and went away happy. I think this was a great ending to a, what would have been, an extensive and costly process for both parties.
Patricia was great and I would highly recommend her to any one facing any kind of labor dispute. She knows what she is doing and most definitely the entire process. Her guidance was immense in this case and we will always have her to back us up in the future.


Patricia A. Savage

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Patricia A. Savage graduated from U.C. Berkeley’s Rhetoric program with Honors in 1999. After attending Berkeley, Ms. Savage attended Santa Clara University School of Law where she was awarded Best Oral Advocate during her first year. She also served as Secretary of Santa Clara’s Environmental Law Society; was a Member of Governing Board of National Association of Environmental Law Societies and a selected participant in the International Environmental Moot Court Competition, Fla. (2001)

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